• MenacePotatoe


    March 29, 2016 by MenacePotatoe

    Hello fools.

    I am Whale Admiral Menace Potatoe (all though I'm really a grunt. just deal with it) and I am here to use this wiki to help me achieve world domination!


    I enjoy puns and plan on becoming Pun Master so watch yo back.

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  • 1hs444

    JUST IN:  

    His Excellency, The First President of Gamelandia Mr. One HS, 117, is commended by Emperor Spartacus the Almighty Whale the Third, for his outstanding service to Whalepedia!

    "Well... Uh... I didn't really know what the Whalepedia was at first, and honestly I didn't care... But now look at me." 1hs444 said, as he put on his oversized crown adorned with swastikas.

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