• All joking Assad, things are getting pretty Syrias.
  • Lif is too short.
  • Did you hear about the Italian chef? He pasta way.
  • Mountains in South America can be quite Chile.
  • I used to live in the Middle East but Iran away.
  • If you're Hungary, go eat some Turkey!
  • It is sure knife to meet you.
  • Arabian musical instrument? A Qatar.
  • Lenin was Russian to take control in 1917.
  • To get rid of a computer virus, you need to take CTRL of the situation.
  • Vlad Putin has a My-kraine.
  • How do oceans greet each other? They wave.
  • Getting a sunburn in France? Call that French fry.
  • Sanders dropped out of the race because he was Berned out.
  • Clinton's presidential campaign was Hillary-ous.
  • Los Angeles' baseball team is quite Dodgey...
  • The Mets were Royally destroyed on the 2015 World Series.
  • Kansas City's Chief concern is to not choke in the playoffs.
  • I was releaved after raking the yard.
  • My chickens were killed. The police suspected fowl play.
  • Cows are udderly hilarious.

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